5 Important Ways to Save Your Dog's Life in an Emergency – by Dr Alex

By Indie Boho
on March 20, 2019

5 Important Ways to Save Your Dog's Life in an Emergency – by Dr Alex

We’ve got a special guest on the blog today, Dr Alex a vet from our hometown Brisbane (you might know her from her appearances on Bondi Vet) shares her 5 tips to save your dog's life in an emergency. I love connecting with other dog lovers and because Dr Alex is so passionate about helping dog owners look after their pets, I jumped at the opportunity to share her article with you.


We also have an exciting promo to share: simply use the code INDIEBOHO at the checkout when purchasing Dr Alex's book "First Call" and receive 15% off the regular price. The book is packed full of useful information on the most common emergency illnesses, dangers and injuries for dogs. View the book here

Dr Alex Hynes Bondi Vet Dog

Some more information about “First Call”:

  • a must-have guide for every dog owner
  • contains 24 chapters on the most common illnesses, injuries and emergency situations for dogs
  • includes prevention tips and vital info on symptoms, causes, treatment and recovery
  • has a lifesaving guide on how to perform CPR on your dog
  • get to know and understand your precious pooch better and help them to have a happy and healthy life
  • acting with knowledge, calmness and confidence can make all the difference in a critical situation
  • presented in a simple and concise way with gorgeous dog photos throughout


I feel honoured to have her on the blog today as someone who has dedicated her life to helping pets, sharing knowledge with pet owners and advancing the area of Emergency & Critical Care in Australia.

And as promised, here are her top 5 tips on how to prepare for an emergency involving your dog:

Five Ways To Help You Prepare for a Doggy Emergency


As dog parents we never want to think of our precious pups being in a critical situation, or in need of emergency care. There is a common misconception that treatment for your dog starts only when you get to the vet, but there are many things that owners can do to prepare so that if an emergency situation arose, they could act with knowledge, calmness and confidence, which would make all the difference to their dog in their time of need.


The top five things I advise owners when I am asked how they can prepare for an emergency are:



Learning CPR for dogs is a vital skill that all dog owners should know, it could just save your dog’s life in a critical situation. My book First Call for Dogs contains a step-by-step guide on how to perform CPR on both adult dogs and puppies. There are also organisations who run CPR training for pet owners, ask your vet to see what’s available locally.



A part of keeping our dogs safe is using vet approved preventative medications and keeping vaccinations up-to-date, that will protect them from life-threatening illnesses.


It is also important to know what foods and products are harmful for dogs. Ensuring they are kept out of reach, and in doggy-safe containers could just save you a trip to the emergency vet. In my book I have a chapter dedicated to the most common items that are harmful to dogs including food, medications and household products. Rule number one: Never underestimate what our beloved pooches can get into, and eat.


Also think about your surroundings. When heading for a walk or going somewhere new, think ahead about what possible dangers could be lurking.  If you’re heading to the beach, will there be shade, enough fresh water, and can your dog swim? If you’re catching up with friends who have a dog in the household, you should introduce the dogs slowly under supervision, and remove all food and toys to avoid fights - this is one of the most common emergencies we see at the hospital.



I believe education is so important - you cannot prevent an accident but if you can act with knowledge, calmness and confidence, that could make all the difference in the life of your dog. That is exactly why I wanted to create First Call for Dogs - it is to give owners peace of mind and to ensure they are able to make informed decisions at a time when their dog needs them the most.


I always recommend that pet owners observe their dog’s normal habits and behaviours - breathing patterns, toilet habits, eating habits etc - that way they are able to pick up very quickly when something isn’t right.

 Dr Alex Hynes Vet Emergency


Getting your dog to the vet for treatment, is of course important, however nothing is more important than getting there safely. Consider doing a test journey to the nearest emergency vet, so that you can become familiar with the route and get an idea on how long the drive will take. There is nothing worse than getting lost, when you’re already in a stressful situation. Ensure you have your vet and local emergency hospitals phone numbers easily accessible, so you can call ahead to prepare them for your arrival. There are many valuable tips - which I cover in First Call - that will make the journey easier and safer for both you and your dog. Don’t drive? Research if there a local pet ambulance service, or a reliable taxi company that is happy to take pets.


First Aid Kit:

Just as you would have a first aid kit at your home for your family, having a dog first aid kit means you will have access to all the materials you may need during an emergency situation. First Call lists all of the essentials that you should include, and I would suggest having one in the home and one for the car, as often accidents happen when we are out and about.


Dr Alex Hynes Bondi Vet


Australian Illustrator Fleur Harris on Hummingbird Fields, Woodlands Wallpaper and Cotton On Swimwear

By Indie Boho
on September 01, 2018

Australian Illustrator Fleur Harris on Hummingbird Fields, Woodlands Wallpaper and Cotton On Swimwear

Our "Hummingbird Fields" design was created exclusively for Indie Boho by renowned Australian Illustrator Fleur Harris. Here she talks to us about the global popularity of her Woodlands wallpaper, her collaboration with Lara Worthington for Cotton On swimwear, why having a creative career in Australia is so fulfilling… and the unconventional names of her pets!

 Hummingbird Fields by Fleur Harris

Indie Boho –  How long have you been illustrating for? 

Fleur – I've been working as a commercial artist for over ten years now. Of course I have always drawn. And I studied Fine art at University back in 2000, but it's formed the bulk of my career most prominently in the last decade. 


Do you do any other kind of work in the creative field?

Yes, I work in product design, creative direction, textile design, helping brands plan and design their seasonal collections... my work covers a fairly broad scope. I'm also a Mum - that is a whole other job in itself. 


What is your favourite medium to illustrate with? 

I use textas a lot. I like the ease of use with them, and I often use connector pens to build my colour palettes. I do most of my work with my Wacom tablet though - I can't use a normal mouse anymore, it feels too unusual. My Wacom pen is like an extension of my arm.  


What is your best known illustration job and one you are most proud of?

A series of Woodland artworks I did that have been released as wallpapers by Jimmy Cricket have attracted the most attention. The response to these artworks has been very encouraging. The wallpapers have been installed in children's rooms all over the world, which is really heart warming. 


The Woodlands artworks are very special to me, not only because of their success but also because of the complexity of their design - they took a long time and are very complex, detailed pattern repeats. They really were a labour of love, at the time when i was making them I had no idea they would be so popular, I didn't even know what they would be used for - but I could tell they were going to be special and I knew I had to finish them. I love all the little creatures and flowers and plants within them. And now that the designs are being enjoyed by children and families around the world - it is really all you could dream of as an artist.


Another project that I look back on particularly fondly was working with Lara Worthington on her Swimwear collaboration with Cotton On. The collection was a great success, it won awards and sold out very quickly, and Lara was a pleasure to design with. The whole team that worked on that project was great. It was a lot of fun.  


What do you love about living and working in Australia and have you lived abroad? 

I love that we are - for the most part - a free, safe, happy, relaxed society. I love the weather. The animals. The plant life. The people. The food. Everything. It's the best place in the world. I love that we are remote and independent and we don't have the worries that a lot of other countries carry. It's rare I watch the news from around the world and am not reminded of how incredibly lucky I am to live in Australia. 


I went to University in Italy for a semester, but I have not lived for an extended period in another country. I have travelled a lot over the years, for work and for fun, and I still have many more places to discover.


Do you have any observations about the creative talents coming from Australia? 

There's a bravery in us that I am inspired by. I love that so many people are having great ideas and having a solid crack at bringing them to life. I wish we had a bigger population and market to sustain all the wonderful small business' that spring from Australia's innovative culture. 


What inspires you in your work? 

I'm motivated by the thought that every moment offers an opportunity for me to create something. When I get up in the morning, I don't know what it is I will create that day, and I'm excited to find out. I mean, I might have a stack of briefs lined up to work on - but I won't know exactly yet how they will look once I've finished them - that path of discovery is very exciting for me. I am inspired by such a range of things that I don't have a 'go-to' source for inspiration - it seems to sneak up on me when I least expect it and I like that very much. 


Do you have any pets?

I love animals and have had different pets over the years.

My pets have always started with one name and over time it has evolved into a series of other names, and eventually each pet has ended up being called a completely different name to what it first was called. For example, my dog "Tessie" ended up being called "Rat", "Goldie" the Labrador ended up as "Hoggie", "Soxy" the cat became "Ning" and "Frankie" the Bengal became "Francois Croissant". So I would never get my pet's name inscribed on their collar - it would become irrelevant very quickly!

Melbourne Dog Lovers Show

By Indie Boho
on May 11, 2018

Melbourne Dog Lovers Show

On the 4-6th May, Indie Boho exhibited at the Melbourne Dog Lovers Show (DLS), which was held in the grand Royal Exhibition Building. It was a great way for many of our fans and followers to view our full range of products and for many more to discover us for the first time. We were told over and over again that the quality of our products feel even better in real life, which is often difficult to fully appreciate in photos. We loved all the feedback we were getting. This one-of-a-kind expo is the best that Australia has to offer, dedicated entirely to dogs and open to the public and trade, with plenty of samples being handed out and products available for purchase. The first Dog Lovers Expo was held in Melbourne in 2013 and attendance has more than doubled since then. This year the official attendance was over 37,500 visitors over the 3 days. 

Dog Lovers Show Melbourne Indie Boho

Indie Boho shared a booth with the fabulous Soapy Moose who had a huge range of handmade accessories on display- vibrant collars, harnesses, haltis, leashes in contemporary and fun designs that drew customers in. We had one of the most colourful stands at the show and were in a great location, close to Sniffr who we supported with their treasure map activity and prizes. Other stand-out booths were Big Dog Pet Foods and Go Get Me who sell membership boxes, full of treats and toys. There was a lot of entertainment with the Insta Pooch stage, a massive pool set-up outside for dogs to perform in, a stage inside where we caught Katrina Warren a few times (our favourite TV show 20 years ago was Harry’s Practice!). And the pet-a-pooch and dog breed areas upstairs, where children and adults alike could pat a number of dogs.

Melbourne Dog Lovers Show 2018

Thank you for having us Melbourne and for the resellers we have picked up since. And to finish off, here’s Hamish, looking pretty chuffed about the bed he won from our show giveaway!  – Sora


Indie Boho and Celebrities at the 2018 Oscars Gifting Suite

By Indie Boho
on March 17, 2018

Indie Boho and Celebrities at the 2018 Oscars Gifting Suite

If you’re wondering what pet beds have to do with the Oscars, let me tell you! We were approached to participate in an exclusive event in honour of last weekend’s Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars. It was a special privilege and not one that we were going to pass up! And what a day it was. We only had 2 hours to set-up but it went without a hitch. Despite the torrential rain, the atmosphere and buzz in the room was unlike anything we’d experienced. So many conversations were had and hundreds of photos were taken but here is a small snapshot of our day.

Sora Caldwell, Indie Boho, pet beds, dog beds, @indiebohopets, Oscras, Academy Awards, media

A month ago we ran a giveaway to invite a local Los Angeles pup to this special event and our lucky winner was Sushi the cockapoo (@sushisaid). Sushi and mum Teresa spent the day with us at the event and they were sensational. Sushi with her gorgeous blue ears was amazingly well trained and laid calmly on our beds while the celebrities came up to pat and admire her. We didn’t quite realise how hectic the day would be so we’re fortunate that we immediately bonded with Teresa and that she fit right into our team. 

Sushi, cockapoo @sushisaid, Indie Boho @indiebohopets, dog beds, celebrity connected, oscars
Then came the celebrities. One after the other they all wanted to chat to us! Our pet beds were unique and vibrant, designs they hadn’t seen used for pets before. And almost every single actor, musician and social influencer that came to the event had either a cat or dog, or several of each. There were so many and they were all friendly and genuine.

Shannon Elizabeth, Patrick Caldwell, Oscars 2018, Academy Awards 2018, Celebrity Connected, Gifting Suite

Patrick’s highlight was meeting Shannon Elizabeth who starred as Nadia in all three American Pie movies, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Thirteen Ghosts, Love Actually, Cursed and a recurring role in That '70s Show. She took a bed for her dog Peanut and has plans to move to Capetown, safe to say it will be the first Indie Boho pet bed in Africa! Shannon, an animal lover herself has been doing a lot of charity work, particularly around rhino conservation of late, having founded the charity Animal Avengers.

Luiz Guzman, Narcos, pet bed, dog bed, Tara Caldwell, Patrick Caldwell, indie boho, gifting suite, Oscars 2018

My highlight was meeting Luiz Guzman. I could recognise him from across the room and was ecstatic when he came over and chatted to us for quite a while. Luiz is a renowned Puerto Rican-born actor, writer and producer and has been in around 80 movies including Out of Sight, Traffic, Boogie Nights, Magnolia and Punch Drunk Love. He also stars in HBO series How to Make it in America and Netflix series Narcos.

Kellan Lutz, Brittany Gonzalez, Tara Caldwell, Sora Caldwell, Oscars 2018, Academy Awards 2018, Celebrity Connected, Gifting Suite Kellan Lutz Sushi cockapoo @sushisaid Indie Boho dog beds

Kellan Lutz and his gorgeous wife Brittany Gonzales were beaming about their aussie shepherd and were huge dog and animal lovers. Kellan best known for his role as Emmet in the Twilight series, has also starred in several movies such as Immortals, The Expendables 3 and The Legend of Hercules. They gave us some advice on areas to target for resellers in the local LA area. Tara and I were impressed at how down to earth they both were, we chatted to them for ages!

Super Corgi JoJo, Oscars 2018, Academy Awards 2018, Celebrity Connected, Gifting Suite

We were very excited to receive a visit from corgi JoJo @supercorgi_jojo and his friend Kilo @kilokilopower. JoJo is an instafamous surfing Corgi and both of these very fashionable LA dogs stole the limelight from Sushi while they were there! Over the next few days we received videos of both corgis snoozing on their new beds... we were given two paws up!

Another highlight was meeting 10 year old actress Mackenzie Hancsicsak who plays Kate in the US series This is Us, which is currently showing on Australian networks too. We feature on her Instagram page @mackenziehancsicsak 3rd March. And German born Stefan Kapicic @stefankapicic who starred as iconic X-men character Colossus in the movie Deadpool, has also been in 70+ films and series.

miss j alexander, Oscars 2018, gifting suite, Teresa, Sushi, cockapoo, pet beds, dog beds, Australian, designer Nikki Leigh, Oscars 2018, gifting suite, pet bed, dog beds, Australian pet brand, designer pet bed

Very funny American Idol judge @miss_jalexander actually laid down on one of our beds and was smitten by Sushi. It was a real treat to meet actor and fitness model Nikki Leigh @nikkileighxo who later posted a video of her gorgeous pup Kodi on our bed (she has 5 million followers on Facebook!). And we also met body artist Jody Steel @artistjodysteel who has over 3 million followers on Facebook. All up, around 150 celebrities and influencers came to the event and I think we got to speak to every single one of them. There were also loads of media, I was interviewed twice for a TV network and Youtube channel (I think I need to work on my TV skills!).

Jody Steel, Oscars 2018, Academy Awards 2018, Celebrity Connected, Gifting Suite

Once we packed up, we all went out for delicious Mexican food. And over the weekend we got to fully appreciate the different areas in LA and even hiked to the lookout of the iconic Hollywood sign. And what impressed me the most about LA was how pet-obsessed the city is. Dogs wearing clothes and jewellery, dogs in restaurants, cafes, juice shops, clothes shops and bars (no, not tied up outside but actually inside the stores). And as California became the first state in the US to ban the selling of commercially bred dogs and cats in pet stores, there was a huge focus on rescue animals in the city, so we'd see a far higher proportion of mix-breeds rather than pure breeds, which I loved!

Sora Caldwell, Indie Boho, Oscars, dog beds, pet beds, @indiebohopets, media

Thanks for having us LA and the Oscars 2018 Gifting Suite, we had the best time and we will be back, now that we’ve received such a phenomenal reception. We are aiming to distribute our product throughout the US in a few months time, so watch this space.

By Sora Caldwell

WATCH A TRAINING VIDEO – "On Your Bed" with That Dog Trainer Guy

By Indie Boho
on December 01, 2017

WATCH A TRAINING VIDEO – "On Your Bed" with That Dog Trainer Guy

The idea of our washable Indie Boho pet beds came from station training at puppy school.

To effectively teach a dog to stay calm on their bed, we need to reward them with plenty of treats. Even once this behaviour is learnt, we want to reinforce it throughout their lives. So no matter what we are doing in the home- working, cooking etc. our dogs will choose to stay on their bed i.e. their happy resting place, instead of tearing through the house!

We love this video from Tim  That Dog Trainer Guy,  filmed at Mr Teddy Bear Dog Grooming Daycare, featuring the young star- Coco.


Watch Tim teach Coco these 3 steps:
Step 1- Lure & Reward
Step 2- Lure all Four Feet
Step 3- Wait for Calm


x Indie and Sora

Dog Lovers Show Brisbane and Upcoming Events in 2017

By Indie Boho
on November 13, 2017

Dog Lovers Show Brisbane and Upcoming Events in 2017

Last weekend on November 5 & 6, it was Brisbane’s turn to host the hugely popular Dog Lovers Show that has been extremely successful in Melbourne and Sydney in previous years. It attracted over 11,000 visitors and 150+ exhibitors, including plenty of local Brisbane brands such as ours- Indie Boho Designer Pet Beds! People flocked in to see Dr Chris Brown and Dr Katrina Warren on the Kong Celebrity Vet stage and the hundreds of breeds on show (including the Irish Wolf Hounds that were across from our stand). There were plenty of free samples on offer and things to see such as the Insta famous pups on the Instapooch stage including @kingkingsley_, @charlienadfrankie_, @augie_the_corgi, daisy_rey_dachsund and @mocha_toychocolatepoodle, just to name a few.

Dog Lovers Show Indie Boho

We collaborated with the lovely folk at Soapy Moose to showcase collars, harnesses, leashes and other accessories that matched our beds. Our stand was one of the most colourful ones at the show! With matching designs in pineapples, watermelons, feathers, VW kombis, peacocks, tropical, Mexican skulls…. there was something there for everyone.

Instapooch Dog Lovers Show BrisbaneDog Lovers Show Soapy Moose

Our show highlights were the visits from King Kingsley and Charlie and Frankie and having long-time followers purchase as well as gaining new fans and wholesalers. We launched our brand new Summer designs at the Show- they were so popular! The sheer delight of our customers trying to choose just one design for their home was really heart-warming. We can’t wait to do it all over again at the Dog Lovers Show in Melbourne 2018!

Our next events in 2017 will be:

November 24 & 25 – Etsy Markets, Brisbane Showgrounds

December 3  – Paws at the Park, Cleveland Showgrounds

 King Kingsley Indie BohoIndie Boho Pet Beds at Dog Lovers Show

4 New Summer Designs Will Be Released Next Month!

By Indie Boho
on October 12, 2017

4 New Summer Designs Will Be Released Next Month!

With the Australian Summer just around the corner, what better time to brighten up your home with a vibrant and contemporary new pet bed! We are very excited about our new designs coming out next month:

- Watermelon Crush
- Succulent Medley
- Splendid Peacock
- Flamingo Paradise

And don't forget to follow us on Facebook for regular updates!

Peticular Stock Indie Boho Designer Pet Beds

By Indie Boho
on October 10, 2017

Peticular Stock Indie Boho Designer Pet Beds

Peticular- Products for particular pet people.

Peticular is a haven for dog and cat owners that love to spoil their four-legged family members… and themselves! They have a vast range of carefully selected designer accessories, treats, grooming needs, leads, collars, harnesses, outfits, food, toys, stationery, homewares, gift cards... and stylish pet beds!

Owners Jon Manning and Brett Howell established their online store in November 2011, after a little inspiration from their own dog Rufus and a trip to the US where the range of dog accessories and general pet products blew them away. So when they returned to Sydney, they came up with the idea to sell some of these products themselves and created their online store peticular.com.au.

Rufus at his local beach

In January 2017, after 4 successful years, they decided to move to the beautiful Sunshine Coast and open a shop only 50m from the beach, much to the delight of tourists and locals alike. With careful attention to detail from the shopfitting and decor, to the use of space with designated rest and fitting areas and of course their delightful and varied product range… it is easy to spend a lot of time in their colourful shop. Here you will find some unique imported brands like Zee.Dog and also plenty of local brands such as the Soapy Moose, Hugo’s Ice Creamery, Doog, Rosie & Co Barkery and yours truly. And of course pets are welcome in the store too.

Peticular Shop at Peregian Beach

To top things off, the location itself at Peregian is arguably the most dog friendliest village in South East Queensland, with plenty of cafes, a pub and restaurants that welcome dogs to sit at your table and water bowls outside many boutique stores too. It’s also centrally located right on David Low Way that connects Noosa to Maroochydore, 5min away from the Sunshine Coast Motorway exit.

Treat yourself and don’t miss this one peticular experience the next time you are heading up the coast!

Indie Boho Pet Beds Display at Peticular  

New LARGE and EXTRA LARGE Pet Beds are here!

By Indie Boho
on July 28, 2017

New LARGE and EXTRA LARGE Pet Beds are here!

We recently launched our two new bed sizes- large and extra large. Please take note of the measurements marked in our Shop and carefully match the ideal sized bed to your cat or dog. The following should be used as a very general guide only:

Our MEDIUM sized dog cushion beds are a good size for all puppies, pugs, boston terriers, dachshunds, maltese, shihtzu, jack russells, silky terriers, chihuahua, pekingese, toy poodles, bichon frise, papillon, pomeranian, yorkshire terrier, griffon, lhasa apso and similar small dog breeds up to 5kg. 

Our LARGE dog cushions are suitable for most cats, cavoodles, beagles, french bulldogs, staffordshire bull terriers, tenterfield terrier, cocker spaniel, Italian greyhounds, mini schnauzer, west highland white terriers, whippet, springer spaniel, cavalier king charles, cocker spaniels, miniature poodles and other medium dog breeds up to 8-10kg.

Our EXTRA LARGE dog cushion beds are ideal for most samoyeds, kelpies, blue heelers, shar peis, border collies, boxers, chow chows, labradoodles, dalmatians, pitbull terriers and groodles up to 20-25kg.

New Extra Large size dog cushion coming soon!

By Indie Boho
on April 06, 2017

New Extra Large size dog cushion coming soon!

We are excited to announce that we are in the process of making our large and extra large dog cushions! Not only are the sizes perfectly suited to larger breeds, the fabric and finishes are even tougher too. And yes, we have gorgeous new cover designs, we love them all and can't wait to release them. You may find it difficult to pick just one favourite!

If you are interested in our large / extra large dog cushions, simply add your name to our MAILING LIST below. We will email you a HUGE 2o% OFF discount code for use with the larger size cushions and will notify you as soon as they come in. Offer ends 1 July 2017.

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