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Bog Dog Pet Foods explain raw food diet to Indie Boho

The Benefits of Raw Feeding, with Experts Big Dog Pet Foods

Since releasing our range of ceramic food and water bowls last year, we have been loving the photos, posts and stories from so many of you, showing us what you are feeding your dogs! 

With a variety of options from wet to dry, kibble to grain free, we thought we'd take a closer look at what a raw food diet is. And the best people to tell us all about it are the fabulous folk at Big Dog Pet Foods, the leaders in this field. In this article we cover BARF, the ingredients of a raw food diet and all the health benefits for your pet. 

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Dog travel mats in Australia

The Ultimate Guide to Using a Dog Travel Mat. 15 Reasons Why You'll Love Them!

Indie Boho dog (and cat!) waterproof padded travel mats are a year-round essential with so many practical uses.  Here we list the top 15 ways you will benefit from having a travel mat, including training tips from Ryan Tate, Founder of the Animal Training Academy

In this list we discuss: confining your dogs space while making them feel ultra comfortable at a cafe, restaurant, on a plane or in the office; getting them started early with a mat at puppy school; making them feel "at home" at doggy daycare, their sitters / friends place, while on holidays or camping; and protecting your car or designer living room rug from mess! 

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Allira Batstone SCARS Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge Dogs

Indie Boho– Supporting Our Local Animal Refuge SCARS

Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge (SCARS) has been operating since 1979 – that’s 40 years this year! The shelter is well known to our local community and has made an incredible impact, rescuing and re-homing approximately 40,000 dogs and cats in that time. As a not-for-profit charitable organisation SCARS does not receive any government funding; instead they rely heavily on public donations, volunteers and the businesses that support them. We are so proud to have an animal refuge of this scale in our community and that is why they are our chosen charity to support.
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Binny Talib collaboration for Indie Boho

Australian Illustrator Binny Talib on the Award Winning Jungle Song, IFC Mall Installations and Jasper

Binny Talib is the renowned Australian Illustrator behind this exclusive design- "Jungle Song". She brought our concept to life with a vibrant jungle scene, including birds of paradise flowers and various plants in contrasting colours. Binny won an Honorable Mention in the New York 3 x 3 Contemporary Illustration Awards for this textile design and we're so fortunate to have it exclusively for Indie Boho!

Here we interview Binny about children’s books, IFC mall installations in Hong Kong, her border collie that knew 100 words and Jasper her cat!

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Dr Alex Hynes guest blog on Indie Boho

5 Important Ways to Save Your Dog's Life in an Emergency – by Dr Alex Hynes

We’ve got a special guest on the blog today, Dr Alex Hynes, a vet from our hometown Brisbane (you might know her from her appearances on Bondi Vet) shares her 5 tips to save your dog's life in an emergency. I love connecting with other dog lovers and because Dr Alex is so passionate about helping dog owners look after their pets, I jumped at the opportunity to share her article with you. Some more information about “First Call”: a must-have guide for every dog owner contains 24 chapters on the most common illnesses, injuries and emergency situations for dogs includes...

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Fleur Harris hummingbird illustration for Indie Boho

Australian Illustrator Fleur Harris on Hummingbird Fields, Woodlands Wallpaper and Cotton On Swimwear

Our "Hummingbird Fields" design was created exclusively for Indie Boho by renowned Australian Illustrator Fleur Harris. Here she talks to us about the global popularity of her Woodlands wallpaper, her collaboration with Lara Worthington for Cotton On swimwear, why having a creative career in Australia is so fulfilling… and the unconventional names of her pets!   Indie Boho –  How long have you been illustrating for?  Fleur – I've been working as a commercial artist for over ten years now. Of course I have always drawn. And I studied Fine art at University back in 2000, but it's formed the bulk...

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