About Our Pet Cushion Style Beds

Are you tired of the stock standard pet beds found in mega retail pet stores or discount shops, that are made to appeal to no one in particular, especially not you? Mass produced beds in brown stripes, polka dots, tartan, geometric patterns... fabrics that factories seem to choose, not pet lovers. Wouldn't you just love to have more options? Designs that are to your taste, the way you would purchase clothes, furniture and pretty much anything else for yourself?

Stop wishing, start browsing!

It has always surprised me how many pet products are quite frankly... ugly. The dog bed that gets pushed into the corner when visitors come, or left outside when it starts to smell. Which seems silly considering how closely we keep our beloved family members in our living space. Shouldn't we have generously sized beds for them to lounge on, that enhance your home decor at the same time?

Imagine having a Summer pet bed and a Winter one, something portable for the car, couch or sleepovers.  A bed that is washable so that it stays flea-free and smelling fresh! With a tough, moisture-resistant insert lining, that is more difficult to chew through than most other beds? Well you've come to the right place!

We made one... and then another...

It all began when I searched high and low for Indie's first bed and found absolutely nothing that appealed to me. I reluctantly bought this brown standard wall-style bed and not only did she lie curled up and cramped in it (although it was an "ideal" size for her), most of the time she had half her body hanging outside of it, as though it was too hot. To top things off, she would take her treats to her bed and after a couple of weeks, it was stained and smelly.

Indie's Ugly First Bed

Indie's First Cushion-Style Bed

So I made my first cushion bed and she loved it. I had both beds next to each other for several weeks but the other one never got used. And because the cushion bed was big and airy, she no longer had half her body hanging off her bed either. I made them for friends to test out and they all said the same thing. Their dogs took to the beds straight away and have slept on them daily since. And even the family cats loved them!

I knew then that I was onto something special. 

Indie Boho pet beds became so popular that in the space of 6 months, I had a full range of 3 sizes in 10 contemporary designs. I no longer hand-make them as I couldn't keep up wth the orders, particularly wholesale! But I design, hand-finish, pack and check every one before dispatch. I work with illustrators and artisans, with designers and leaders in textile. We've done a lot of testing and perfecting to get the thickness of our beds just right, while the covers are thick and durable yet soft. 

If you're new to the concept of a cushion, futon or mat, try one out, your pup will love it! It's the feedback I hear over and over again from pet owners that have converted over. They are perfect for our warmer weather in Australia and in Winter you can simply add a blanket to them. So although this style of bed is by no means new, it's the features of ours that make them quite unique to others. 

We release seasonal and contemporary designs every few months, so if you'd like to be the first to know about our new additions, please sign-up to our mailing list.  

I hope you love our pet beds as much as we love making them.
x Indie & Sora & Indie Boho team





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About Our Pet Cushion Style Beds

Are you tired of the stock standard pet beds found in mega retail pet stores or discount shops, that are made to appeal to no one in particular, es...

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