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Welcome to Indie Boho Pets. We’re pet lovers who are passionate about creative design, product innovation and spoiling our fur kids!

Have you ever been to a pet shop and wished that the pet beds and accessories were a bit more exciting (and a lot less ugly?) That’s exactly how we felt, so we decided to do something about it and that’s where the idea for Indie Boho Pets was born.

Our mission is to make high-quality, beautifully designed, fun beds and accessories that you and your pets will love.

The Story Behind Indie Boho Pets 

Sora, the owner of Indie Boho, shares the journey that they’ve been on to get to where they are today.

“A couple of years ago we had decided that we were ready for the responsibility of a dog and, like most first-time pet parents, we wanted to get everything just right for her. We went on a shopping spree and bought all the essentials including food, bowls, toys and then, the last thing on the list, we needed a bed for her.

This is where things suddenly got complicated; we looked everywhere – online, every pet store in the city, even home décor stores when we started getting desperate. There was not a single option that fulfilled our (very) modest criteria of being:

  • Pretty (or at least neutral)
  • Practical (because beds need to be moved and cleaned)
  • Comfortable (so that she would be happy to snuggle up)


We reluctantly settled on the brown, standard bed with padded walls that almost every dog owner seems to buy. It wasn’t pretty – obviously, it was brown. Nor was it practical, within a few weeks it was stained and had a lingering odour even after washing. And it definitely didn’t look comfortable for Indie. Within four weeks she had grown out of it and had to curl up tight to fit in despite it being the ‘ideal size’ for her breed. Most of the time she hung half out the bed on the hard floor, probably because the bed was too hot and uncomfortable.


Indie's Ugly First Bed

At this point, we decided to take matters into our own hands and make Indie her own bed, one that would be perfect for her. We made a bed that we could wash, one that was big and airy that she could stretch out on, and one that we actually enjoyed looking at.

Friends would visit us, immediately notice her bed and ask where we had bought it from. And that’s when we decided that maybe we’d hit on a great business idea: something that we were passionate about where there was an opportunity to create something great.

We started selling just the one size with a few different fabric options, and within six months we were offering a full range of three different sizes in ten boho-chic designs. In Australia, we’ve expanded as demand for our products has grown and we now offer blankets, travel mats, couch covers and ceramic bowls. To our loyal American customers - don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you – more of our range will be available on our US store soon.”


A Commitment to Quality Design and Construction

We work closely with illustrators and designers to ensure that every product is unique and beautiful. And our collaborative relationships with artisans and textile specialists ensure that each product is luxuriously comfortable and built to last.

Every new addition to our range is rigorously tested and refined so that the thickness of our moisture-resistant bed inserts are just right, while the covers feel natural, durable and soft (almost like you want to cuddle up yourself).

 Sora Caldwell and Indie

What’s in a Name?

We wanted our brand name to reflect the flavour and thinking behind the brand. Indie Boho can be separated into two distinct ideas:

Indie  /ˈɪndi/
As a start-up, we see ourselves as a small independent company creating a niche for ourselves and taking on the big corporate brands prioritising quality over quantity.

Boho /ˈbəʊhəʊ/
Boho reflects the creative inspiration that drives our brand. Short for bohemian, the word highlights a fashion aesthetic that emphasises comfort and bright prints.


Happy Pets · Happy Pawrents

Our four-legged customers love our pet beds and accessories because the products are made with them in mind. We’ve tested and refined our range based on feedback from our own fur-babies, so we know what works and what doesn’t.

Dog and cat owners love our products because they’re:

  • Creatively Designed – the fun, unique prints of our pet beds will get you excited about creating a happy space for your pet and the different sizing options mean that you can get the perfect fit.
  • Portable – they can easily be moved between rooms, placed on couches or used in the car.
  • High-Quality and Comfortable - your pet will love the fabric and materials that go into our products.
  • Durable and Hard-Wearing – they’re built to last with a tough, moisture-resistant insert lining that’s difficult to chew through.
  • Simple to Clean – our products are machine washable, so they stay fresh-smelling and flea-free.

Give Your Pets the 5 Star Treatment That They Deserve 
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