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Pet Beds Size Guide

The following should be used as a general guide only as every pet has different support and space requirements. Please check the bed measurements in the shop descriptions:

Our MEDIUM (approx 65x50cm) sized dog cushion beds are a good size for all puppies, pugs, boston terriers, maltese, shihtzu, jack russells, silky terriers, chihuahua, pekingese, toy poodles, bichon frise, papillon, pomeranian, yorkshire terrier and similar small dog breeds under 5kg

Our LARGE (approx 85x65cm) dog beds are suitable for most cats, cavoodles, boston terriers, beagles, french bulldogs, staffordshire bull terriers, tenterfield terrier, Italian greyhounds, mini schnauzer, griffons, havanese, dachshunds, west highland white terriers, whippet, springer spaniel, lhasa apsos, miniature poodles and other medium dog breeds between 6-10kg.

As pets like to stretch out on our beds, please allow enough room for them. 

Our EXTRA LARGE (approx 100x85cm) dog beds are ideal for most breeds over 10kg but under 18kg including cavalier king charles, cocker spaniels, blue heelers, shar peis, beagles, airedale terriers, border collies, chow chows, pitbull terriers and samoyeds. Keep in mind that dogs like to stretch out on our beds, even if they usually curl up on other styles of beds. 

Our NEW JUMBO SIZED BEDS (approx 130x100cm) are huge! This size is suitable for our larger companions including labradors, german shepherds, golden retrievers, greyhounds, huskies, groodles, kelpies, dalmatians, labradoodles, boxers, border collies, boxers, old english sheepdogs and similar breeds with long bodies and legs! We also call it the family sized bed for pets that like to share! This size has a gusset to allow for the extra fibre padding. Please note, although our inserts are thickly padded, they are not spring mattresses so may not suit dogs over 35kg

Our beds come as two parts and their unique refillable feature makes them one of the only customisable pet beds available. This means that you can adjust the thickness to suit your pet at any point in the bed's life cycle. 

 Please feel free to contact us if you're not sure which size bed is best for your pet. 

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