Debi Hudson, the talented Australian Illustrator behind Foxy Tales and Native Flora, tells us more about her Children's Books and Dog Beau

Debi Hudson, the talented Australian Illustrator behind Foxy Tales and Native Flora, tells us more about her Children's Books and Dog Beau

Debi Hudson is a Melbourne-based illustrator (who studied Fine Art at Griffith University, Sunshine Coast). Her work is currently being featured in schools and bookshops all around Victoria for the 2021 Premier’s Reading Challenge. Debi Hudson illustrates cheerful, dreamy, bright worlds where animals, people and nature intertwine as one. She works with pencil on paper, then details her illustrations digitally.

Her work includes a children’s dinner set design with Ashdene/Ladelle Group and a junior reader series with award-winning author Melina Marchetta, published through Penguin Books Australia. Other clients of hers include Lake Press Publishing, Biocup, OfficeMax and Disney Plus to name a few!

Debi is a mumma to three human children, one fur baby and a feathered kid!
Here, we get to know Debi Hudson a little more!

Indie Boho: How long have you been an illustrator for?
I have been a freelance illustrator for the last 5 years. Prior to that I was busy with my three children who are all now at school. So I have the days to myself to be creative. If I’m enjoying what I’m drawing I can work till the wee hours, so in a way it’s a good thing that my children distract me sometimes. 

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How would you define your style?
I like to think that my style is bright, cheery and uplifting to the viewer.

How do you create your illustrations?
I begin with lots of scrap paper, my grey lead pencil and create very rough sketches and then choose the bits that I would like to work further on. I take them into a digital program and draw with an Apple pencil. It’s fast and an easy and convenient way to work. I can work anywhere with little fuss. Which works well for my busy lifestyle.

What inspires you?
I find inspiration in the funniest places and they sometimes surprise me. I love drawing flowers and when I’m out walking my dog I’ll often stop to take photos of flowers and leaves and pretty scenery. I also find inspiration from other artists and online and at bookshops and exhibitions.

What is your proudest work?
I’ve been very fortunate to work with some large companies. So there are many pieces I am proud of. For instance I have a children’s dinner set design with Ashdene, a junior reader series with Penguin Australia and I have created illustrations for special books to help kids through difficult times. Apart from the fame, I find these helpful books a very proud achievement. 

What are you known for the most?
Perhaps most recently in Victoria I created the posters for the Premiers’ Reading Challenge for 2021. So my work is hanging in most schools and in bookshops.

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Describe your border collie Beau
My border collie is the most loved dog. He was named Prince by his breeder because of his gentleman like manner. He wants to do the right thing and always has plenty of love to give, which is good because he has five people who love him to bits.

How different is it to live in Melbourne from a creative / professional point of view, when you grew up in Qld and lived at the Sunshine Coast? 
I’m originally from Victoria and living on the Sunshine Coast while I was at University always felt temporary. The Sunshine Coast is the most beautiful place, but I felt the pull of my family and extended family and all the familiar things bringing me back home. Can we just have your weather and beaches down here in Victoria please. I do miss the warmth. Professionally there is a bigger community of artists and publishers here in a big city. Other than Sydney this is where it is happening. Not that you need to see people as we haven’t been able to in the last year or more.

We hope you enjoyed this little interview with Debi! Check out her gorgeous Native Flora and Foxy Tales designs!

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