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So comfy!

Millie LOVES her travel mat! It’s a great size and perfect about of padding!

Happy Days

The indie Boho double size is the best dog car seat I have ever come across, and I have tried many. I have two French Bulldogs and my boys gets so stressed in the car, he has to be sedated to travel more than 30 minutes. Since having the new seat, he still stresses but it is becoming less each time we use it. He can now see out the window and I think he feels safe because he sits down into it with support around him. I have already posted pics on Facebook showing them both in it and have recommended Indie Boho to anyone who will listen. Thank you so much for this amazing seat :)

Princess Josie

Well worth every cent, I am confident driving knowing my dog is safe and secure.

Perfection - just what I wanted

This is my babies 5th Indie Boho bowl - you can tell she loves them!! I wanted a lovely bowl to complete my fur babies outdoor zen garden zone. This bowl looks perfect with the Balinese monk statue, the plants and her Indie Boho bed. She lies out on the balcony and totally relaxes in a beautiful peaceful area.

Delightful Native Flora

Two covers for mummy's new couch. Mummy is really pleased with them as she says they look awesome and great at protecting the couch from those wee paws with the scratchy nails. Easy washing and quick drying. Love Elsie and Angus xx

Fantastic bed

What can I say, this is the second bed I have purchased - an indoor and outdoor one. My baby loves them both and will alternate between them both everyday. I bring the outdoor one in at night time and it sits on the floor, while the day bed is on the lounge. Lovely fabric, such a delight to look at, everyone who sees them smiles and makes comments on how beautiful they are. Kepp up the fantastic products guys, we love them!!!

Outdoor joyfulness

Great colours and patterns so well made. 3 dogs and 2 humans are very happy!!!

Love love love

Absolutely love this bed! Both my dogs want to laze around on it! And plenty room for the kids!

Byron Surf Dog Travel Mat

Sunset Cockatoo

Loving my beautiful travel mat which is also a seat cover and I know my pup is loving the extra padding underneath her. I also love how there’s a reverse side so, you can change the print/colour up.

Car boaster seat

Thank you for my car boaster seat which we have in our car and being used by our little Moodle Molly , who can now sit up and look out the window and enjoy the scenery . Only wish I had it last year when we took her to Brisbane for surgery . We love it and so does Molly.

Awesome, my dogs love their new beds

Sunset Cockatoo Couch Cover ~ the ultimate bed cover 🪶

A-mazing 👌🏼 Beautiful design, works with the decor of my bedroom and provides the best method yet to catch all of Ziggy’s glitter when he takes over the bed. Shakes off easy and is light weight, perfect to sleep under in FNQ for Ziggy’s human and temperature controlled for him to sleep on top of. A very comfortable and stylish way to keep dog hairs off the bed linen. Thank you 💕

Pooch bowls

Loving made and wholly appreciated

Ziggy is a DayDream (Shells) Believer

Received our order lightening fast, couldn’t wait to get it onto the sofa and keep little man in the life of comfort he now requires as well as keeping his dog glitter at bay. Looks glorious, colour matched with blankets over the rest of the sofa and Ziggy loves a lay down on his shells in the air con under the ceiling fan stretched out like it might be his sofa now. Dog glitter is significantly reduced, easily shakes out of a morning and everyone is happy. Indie boho for the win!!!!

Amazing quality as usual!

We are huge fans of Indie Boho!
The Sunset Cockatoo design is a great addition to our collection. The travel mat is used as “Oakleigh’s space” at a school. The students know if she is on that mat, then she’s having some alone time.
The quality is outstanding and the design is beautiful!

Splash of color

Nice and light weight, beautiful bright pops of color.

Byron Booster seat - Single size

I recently purchased a single size booster seat for my 10 month old Cavoodle. He loves going in the car but now with our new seat he jumps up and down as soon as I get the harness out…he knows this means the car. He loves sitting up high and being able to see and the window in his new booster seat. But his absolute favourite part is being able to safely have the window down and feel the breeze on his face. The booster seat comes with a built in clip for the harness to connect to making it super safe to have dog’s travelling in the car. It’s such a joy to see my fur baby enjoy the car booster seat so much. I want to buy another one for my husbands car. Thank you Indie Boho and I love the cool funky pattern of the Byron design. Rachel D

Great quality

Great quality, our sausage dogs love being able to look out the windows in the car

Leopard luxe couch cover

We are very pleased with the leopard luxe couch cover. We wanted one that the dog can lie on but is easily removed for visitors to sit on the couch. This is exactly what we wanted. The colours are just right for the room too. Thank you for a great product.

Perfect for Pups

We both love these awesome pet booster seat ! It’s so comfortable and luxurious and my pup enjoys her car rides either sleeping safe and soundly or watching the world go by from her great vantage point these boosters allow! The design and colours are flawless ! Much love to an awesome product design right here from a beautiful small business 🙌🏼

Fantastic! Spud loves his new bed. Thank you

Pet bowl 450ml

Great bowl perfect size for our 6 week old toy cavoodles water. Love the foxes cause they look a little like our toy cavoodle Lola Belle.

Absolute best product! Made our existing bed waterproof!

We absolutely love that you can just buy a cover to put on existing beds and they become waterproof! We have this on the boat and our visitors from Melbourne thought it was a cushion we’d made for the boat, not a dog bed haha welove it so much and use it everywhere!

Love this travel mat

This travel mat is fantastic quality, with a nice amount of cushioning but still really convenient and light to carry. Love the 2 sided design and our greyhound Junie seems to find it very comfy!